Run Time Calculator

Hunter's Run Time Calculator

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It's easy and best of all, it's free.

Water With Confidence

In order to get the most out of your irrigation system, you need to have your controller programmed with the correct run times for each of your zones. This calculator can automatically generate an irrigation schedule for your landscape and help protect you from wasting water.

Quick & Easy Setup

This calculator is absolutely free. Just sign up, and within minutes, you can generate a peak-season run time schedule that you can print, email or view on any smartphone or tablet device.

User-Friendly & Informative Interface

Simple graphics and images guide you through the setup process while choosing your options. Advanced users can also take advantage of detailed options for more specific landscape needs.

Works for Anybody, Anywhere More information ...

Regardless of where you live, the Hunter Run Time Calculator can help you generate your schedule so you will be on your way to irrigating a lush, healthy landscape.

Access Anytime, Anyway you want

Access your schedule from any desktop, tablet or smartphone. You can even print your unique QR code and place it on your controller so you can scan and view your schedule without logging in.

Build Your Business Relationships

Hunter built this tool with the irrigation professional in mind. Not only can you use this calculator to quickly generate irrigation schedules, you can also use it to save, view and send schedules to customers and staff via multiple devices, and brand your business. It's also one of the easiest ways to address local watering restrictions and seasonal adjustment and also provide a valuable service, while minimizing call-backs.

Set Up Multiple Schedules More information ...

Your free account allows you to setup a schedule for each of your customers. Whether you're using a Hunter controller or not, you can create a schedule for any project.

View & Send Schedules More information ...

Use this tool on any computer device including desktops, smartphones or tablets. Convert schedules into door card versions with one-click.

Brand Your Business More information ...

When you setup your account, each schedule you create is setup to help you brand your business.

Takes Local Watering Restrictions into account More information ...

Each account you setup can be adjusted for your local watering restrictions.

Seasonal Adjustment More information ...

You know that an optimal Run Time is based on peak season ET data.

Where Innovation Meets Conservation

Hunter Industries is committed to research and development efforts centered on innovative solutions that save water, and we always have been. Helping you program your controller with efficient run times for your landscape is one of many ways we deliver on that promise.

Use Only What You Need

Ensuring run times are correct for an irrigation system means you are eliminating water waste while still growing a healthy, lush landscape.

Accurate Run Times Save Money

By using less water, you lower your water bill. Over time this savings can result in significant sums of money.

Grow Lusher Landscapes

When your landscape receives the correct amount of water, it thrives just the way nature intended it to.

Efficient Water Use is Good For Business

Installing landscapes that save money and look great lead to more recommendations that can grow businesses exponentially.